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  • Can I bring a dog?

    Dogs are usually not allowed in bedrooms, common rooms or rooms where meals are served. There are a few rooms that accommodate dogs, but this must be arranged in advance. The price for bringing a dog in your room is NOK 125 per dog per night.

  • Is it open?

    Most of the year. Since there is no road leading all the way to the lodge, we are dependent on the ice on Gjende being either completely safe to walk on, or melted. This means that we have a winter season from 30 March to 17 April and a summer season from 16 June to 17 September. During the season, the reception is operated between 07:45 and 22:00. You will always find up-to-date information at the bottom of this page.

  • Is there room for me?

    The short answer is YES! As tradition dictates for mountain lodges in Norway, there is always extra room to be found. The same applies to us. When you have been out walking all day, you will never have to be met by closed doors with a sign saying “Sorry, no vacancy”. If you would like to secure the best spots, you can book room in advance.

  • What does it cost?

    We are a private lodge, but follow roughly the same pricing strategy as the Norwegian Trekking Association. If you need to know more specifically, you can look at this chart.

  • What is the weather like?

    Always perfect. Norwegians often say that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. But if you actually want to know, you can check the forecast for Memurubu on But remember; this is only a forecast! The mountain location next to a large lake makes the weather very unstable. You should be prepared to experience all the seasons in a single day.

  • When does the boat leave?

    Several times a day. You’ll find more information at Remember that you have to book your ticket in advance.

  • Hvor kan jeg parkere?

    Gjendeosen, rett ved Gjendesheim og første stopp for Gjendebåten. Er det fullt her, skiltes det og settes opp busstransport til nærliggende parkeringer.

  • Where can I park?

    At Gjendeosen, next to Gjendesheim and the first stop for the Gjende ferry. When the parking lot is at full capacity, there will be signs pointing towards other nearby parking facilities and shuttle buses to take you to and from.

  • What kind of food do you have?

    Homemade, tasty and with generous portions. If you have been out walking all day, you should not have to go to bed hungry. A large amount of the food is made from game and fish from the mountain. Some we buy from local manufacturers in Gudbrandsdalen, and the rest is typical Norwegian food. The ferry is our only transport method for goods, so we may experience running out of some products. We do our best to avoid it of course, and hope that you can enjoy the view instead of pining over a specific product.

  • Can I have lunch here?

    Sure! We have a café that serves waffles, hot and cold beverages, soups and light meals. Open all days from 07:45 to 22:00.

  • Do you have a shower?

    All guests staying at the lodge can use the shower. The newer rooms have private bathrooms and toilet, whilst the older part of the lodge has shared bathroom facilities.

  • What do I need to bring on my hike?

    The weather in the mountains is constantly changing, and even though the forecasts are getting more and more reliable, you should be prepared for the weather suddenly changing. The Norwegian Trekking Association has created a packing list for summer, and one for the winter – and we would advise you to use them.

  • I have forgotten to bring a hat. Is that a problem?

    You should definitely have one, and since you are not the only one to forget something, we have a mini sports shop where you can purchase hats, mittens, t-shirts and other items that are easily forgotten, but very important for the hike. The shop is located next to the reception.

  • How long is the hike over Besseggen?

    It depends on the weather, conditions and your own shape. The Norwegian Trekking Association has stipulated it to be an 8-hour trip, which, in our experience is relatively accurate for most people. Don’t rush your way through though, take the time to enjoy the trip. The Gjende ferry has several departures a day, and if you miss the ferry, you can always stay with us.

  • What else can I do besides walk over Besseggen?

    We are situated smack in the middle of the mountains with gorgeous trails all around us, so you can just walk out the door and straight into adventure. If you want some more specific advice however, we have gathered a few tips on our page “experience the mountain”. Bon voyage!


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We also have a separate page for terms and prices.

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