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The hosts

The Sveine family have been the hosts of Memurubu since 1884. They first accommodated guests in the summer pastures, and in 1872, the Norwegian Trekking Association built one of their first lodges here, with the Sveine family as hosts.

Today, Kjetil Sveine is the host, and the next generation, Nina and Espen, work at the lodge in school holidays and weekends. You can meet them in the reception and as meal hosts. The dog Murus lives at the lodge all summer, and is favourite treat is? You guessed it: Gjende biscuits …

Even though the same family is still running the lodge, there is little left to remind us of the buildings in the old summer dwelling – but you can actually see one of them on your way up to the lodge. The old stone barn has been restored and is used as a place of gathering for special occasions.


You will pass the old stone barn, which is the oldest building at Memurubu, on your way up from the docks.


It can easily become hectic when many guests need to be housed and fed, and it is nice for Gunnar the chef to be able to relax and enjoy one of Espen’s many jokes.


Nina has become a champion waffle maker. They sell over 200 waffles on a busy summer day.


Finn is one of the permanent employees, and does everything from light the candles on the breakfast table to present dinner, handle goods transportation and stop for a chat and treat the guests to some great stories.



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